Conference Presentations & Speeches

The following are the presentations and powerpoints that were used at the WFTO-Asia Biennial Conference Seoul 2014.

 (The below texts are links, click to access the speeches)

Opening Address by WFTO-Asia Board President Chitra Bahadur KC

The Bitter Taste of Sugar, the Challenges of Fair Trade by Ruth Fe Salditos, President of Fair Trade Foundation – Panay, inc

The Fair Trade Movement and a Global Overview of WFTO by Natalia Leal, Chief Executive of WFTO

Global Opportunities & Trends for Handmade by Allison Garafalo, the Sales Manager of Artisan Resource and Colvin English, the co-founder of ByHand.


Developing a Fair Trade Product by Roopa Mehta, Sasha Association for Craft Producers

Developing a Fair Trade Product from WFTOASIA

World Fair Trade Day by Christine Gent, Executive Director of WFTO-Asia

World Fair Trade Day from WFTOASIA

Fair Trade Towns by Tatsuya Watanabe of Tokyo University


Fair Trade in Korea by Lee Gang Baek CEO of Asia Fair Trade Network

Fair Trade in Korea from WFTOASIA

The Challenges of Fair Trade in Pakistan by Naila Chaudhry Chief Executive of Habitat Integrated Pakistan

The challenges of Fair Trade in Pakistan from WFTOASIA

Understanding the Success of the Fair Trade Shops in Taiwan by Elizabeth Tsai the Executive Director of TWINE Fair Trade



Social Media Time with Elise Hawley of WFTO-Asia

Go On Twitter! from WFTOASIA

Food Products, New Innovation by Jay Moon the Executive Director of BeautifulCoffee Korea.

Food Products and New Innovations from WFTOASIA

National Fair Trade Networks Meeting by Christine Gent the Executive Director of WFTO-Asia

Country Networks from WFTOASIA

The WFTO Guarantee System by Tamara Cobussen the Guarantee System Manager of WFTO

Components of the WFTO Guarantee System from WFTOASIA

Fair Price, Fair Wage Workshop by Johny Joseph the Executive Director of Creative Handicrafts

Fair Wages & Fair Price from WFTOASIA

New Member Application Process to WFTO by Elise Hawley the Sustainability Coordinator of WFTO-Asia

WFTO Membership: Applicant to Provisional from WFTOASIA

Fair Trade Advocacy Workshop by Chitra Bahadur KC the President of WFTO-Asia

Advocacy Workshop from WFTOASIA