Office Team

Christine Gent – Executive Director

Has an outstanding track record in Fair Trade, an expert in crafts, she has worked with many Fair Trade and UN bodies since 1986, with eight years as Ethical Trade Development Manager at the Body Shop.  She has extensive experience of working across the Indian sub-continent, Central America and Asia working with and training product suppliers on product development, production planning, quality and business management issues.  Founder of Fairly Covered, and  non-executive director of People Tree UK, she is now Executive Director of WFTO-Asia, representing the 132 WFTO members based in 19 Asian countries.



NingSirichan Phojorn – Project Manager


Born and raised in Chiang Mai, Ning graduated with a BBA in Management from Payap University. Currently, Ning works for WFTO-Asia on their general management, accounting and finance. Prior to her work at WFTO-Asia, Ning worked with a number of charities and foundations. The most recent one was with Child’s Dream Foundation in Chiang Mai.  All her work has been a valuable experience to Ning because she has been able to help others.



jeromine Jéromine Schneider – VIP Coordinator


Jéromine Schneider comes from a little town in the countryside close to Paris, France. Although at a great distance, she feels at home in Chiang Rai in the North of Thailand where she is has frequently travelled to for the past 8 years. Jeromine is studying international management in Lyon, France. She would like to help high skilled artisans who are facing difficulties to find a place on the very competitive world trade market. Working for a Fair Trade organisation quickly sounds like an answer to her career aspirations.