#FairTradeSolidarity for #PlanetFairTrade

The Fair Trade world is facing one of its biggest challenges yet. Trade has halted, shops are closed and livelihoods are threatened. The pain is large but our will is bigger. As Fair Trade Enterprises struggle to get through this crisis, they need your support. We stand together to get Fair Trade back on its feet, so we can continue our journey to #PlanetFairTrade. This World Fair Trade Day is about perseverance and solidarity.

Showing up for our community during the crisis

As the world experiences this crisis, more than ever we need solidarity. We need to show up for each other and leverage the ties we have as a community. We need to put profits aside, and place people and the planet first. Our Members are showing #FairTradeSolidarity for #PlanetFairTrade Fair Trade communities all over Asia are coming together to pool their resources and come up with ways to support artisans. Our network is powerful, resourceful, and supportive, linked together by a shared mission. 


Recognizing early on the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on health, society, and the economy, WFTO Asia quickly mobilized its members to respond to the situation. Fair Trade Enterprises in Asia shift their production to making ‘Fair Trade PPE’.  This helps support essential workers, general public and marginalized people who are suffering from disaster profiteering and the resultant shortage of PPE.


Our goals are to support and honour our frontline heroes, and to continue to provide income to the refugee artisans we serve, they are one of the most vulnerable groups during this pandemic and are hit the most during an economic slowdown.”

— Xiao Cheng Wong, Earth Heir’s CEO


Fair Trade is all about considering the needs of others and acting on those needs – not on a financial bottom line. Fair Trade is about making sure that businesses stand in meaningful solidarity with people. It is on the strength of these principles that Fair Trade Organizations came together to show up for the world in normal time and during crises.

#PlanetFairTrade built on fair treatment and equity makes us more resilient to future crises.

Show your #FairTradeSolidarity – support #PeoplesMask

Donate to us, whether you’re an individual or an organization, donate to us and we will partner with a FTE producing the People’s Mask who need it most. Contact [email protected]