Fair Trade for Life

Fair Trade is much more than just an economic concept – it’s a guiding principle that allows us to live our lives in a way that respects other people and our planet. Fair Trade for Life is a new series of events designed to help you incorporate the Principles of Fair Trade into your daily life. This covers everything from the clothes we wear to the food we eat. When it comes to Fair Trade, even the smallest action can be a powerful statement.

Through Fair Trade for Life, we will introduce you to Agents for Change, thought-leaders and entrepreneurs who are bringing Fair Trade into the mainstream. Our events are focused on networking and building a community of individuals who are fighting for a fairer future.

Fair Trade for Life is brought to you by WFTO Asia, our region’s leading Fair Trade body, in partnership with other likeminded NGOs and community based organisations.

Fair Trade for Life – Fashion Revolution Edition

This Fashion Revolution Week we’re highlighting brands that employ the Principles of Fair Trade to create a better fashion industry. Fair Trade for Life will empower you to make purchasing decisions that create a fairer future for the people who make our clothes.

In the spirit of Fashion Revolution’s social activism, we’re also inviting you to take a stand against the fast fashion system, and support Fair Trade by joining us at ‘Fair Trade For Life: Fashion Revolution Thailand Edition’ — a creative community pop-up space in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on April 28th, 2017  to build relationships and celebrate local creativity.

The pop-up project, ‘Fair Trade For Life: Fashion Revolution Thailand Edition’, will be one of Thailand’s largest community events as part of the international movement, Fashion Revolution.  The campaign aims to bring people together from around the world to use the power of fashion to change the story for the people who make the world’s clothes and accessories.

‘Fair Trade For Life: Fashion Revolution Thailand Edition’ will be a positive space for everyone in the community to engage with the ideas that fashion can be made in safe, clean and beautiful ways. This event will give everyone the opportunity to not only learn about the issues in the fashion industry, but to get to meet local Fair Trade and ethical brands that offer better alternatives and are shifting the way we do with fashion in the right direction.

A sneak peek of featured activities:

• Ethical Pop-Up Market

• ‘Green Carpet Fashion show’

• Filming screening of ‘Slowing Down Fast Fashion’

• Photo booth, ask the brands #WhoMadeMyClothes?



Stay tuned for more updates on activities and workshops!