WFTO is not an office in the Netherlands, Thailand or any other sort of office it is a network of its members, it is a network of dedicated Fair Trade Organizations. The members are the Board, the members develop the principles and approve any changes to the organization. They sit on the committees and develop the ideas and strategy of the organization as well as paying for its costs. There are many benefits from being a member but the main one is that you are joining a network and with the collaboration of other members things can be achieved which are not possible on your own. In order to gain the benefits, your organization will need to network with other members, so start now, and if you don’t want to network with other members then question is this the right organization to join. In many countries there is a national Fair Trade network that includes WFTO members along with smaller less established Fair Trade groups. Joining a national network (where you can) enables you to meet other WFTO members and establish your organization as having aims in line with WFTO, here in Asia we recommend it as a sensible first step to joining WFTO.