International Fair Trade Charter defines vision for a fairer world

Rising inequality, entrenched poverty and a deepening ecological crisis have mobilised the global community to seek new models of business and trade that drive fair and sustainable economies.

The International Fair Trade Charter, initiated by Fairtrade International and the World Fair Trade Organization, defines new models that build a stronger economy and environment for all. It has been recognized by an escalating number of diverse local, national and international organizations from across the cooperative, social enterprise, organic, farmer and global solidarity movements.

Capturing the breadth and depth of Fair Trade globally, the Charter synthesises a diversity of voices and approaches into one easy-to-read document.


The International Fair Trade Charter is available in different languages; visit the Charter’s official website to get your copy


Individual supporters: Endorse the charter by supplying a short quote in response to the statement: “Why I support the new International Fair Trade Charter”. Summit your quote here.

Organisations: Recognise the Fair Trade Charter by completing the Recognition Form