WFTO ASIA Volunteer-Internship Program (VIP)

VIP logo ColourMission Statement of VIP

The VIP builds a pool of Fair Trade advocates through volunteerism. It aims to foster a deeper understanding of Fair Trade by facilitating opportunities for learning and interaction for individuals who are interested, sympathetic, or advocates of Fair Trade. The program also provides a venue where volunteers can actively take part in the daily operations of Fair Trade Organizations, thus building a supplementary human resource for the WFTO Networks and WFTO members. This is done by deploying volunteers to the various countries where WFTO-Asia have network members and members are present. In the end, WFTO-Asia, through VIP, seeks to broaden the Voice of Fair Trade through this volunteer pool.

Who can volunteer?
The VIP can accommodate college/university students and faculty members, young as well as established professionals who would want to spend their time, skills, and experience working with Fair Trade Organizations across Asia, specifically in countries where WFTO-Asia members are present. Volunteers can be both part of a university program, recently completed one or individuals seeking to gain work experience in Fair Trade.

Possible Areas of Assignment
Volunteer-Interns may be assigned to work related, but not limited, to the following:
A New Trading and Trade Facilitation Model

  1. Communications and research
  2. Events organizing
  3. Advocacy and campaigns
  4. Finance

Target Setting
The volunteer or intern will have clear set objectives to be achieved to the benefit of both the volunteer and the host. These will be set and agreed my mutual agreement prior to the start of the assignment.

The assignment can be in any of the countries of Asia limited by visa agreements which in some countries will only accept interns as part of their university course.
Countries include but are not limited to Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, China, India, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam. Volunteers who do not wish to travel and wish to work remotely may also be accommodated.

For how long?
There is no set assignment length this varies with the availability of the intern, and the size of the task.

The VIP will be recruited through two processes

  1. The host organization will identify a role and promote it through the VIP program and the volunteer will apply specifically for the role.
  2. The profile of the VIP will be made available to members who are looking for a volunteer who can then approach them through the program

Application Process Applicants will be asked to accomplish the WFTO ASIA VIP Form and will be asked to submit other requirements (see Requirements below).

 Requirements Applicants to the program will be asked to submit the following requirements:

  1. Letter of application addressed to: [email protected]
  2. Accomplished VIP Form
  3. Curriculum Vitae or Resume with Character reference
  4. Recommondation letter from a previous employer or professor


Please fill out Volunteer Internship Application form and attach the required documents above and submit to [email protected]

Are you an Organization interested in hosting a student? 

WFTO-Asia is working with UNCTAD/Business Schools for Impact to access top business school students to be placed through the WFTO-Asia VIP program with FTOs in Asia.

If you are interested to have your VIP request promoted to this wider network please fill in this form and send it to [email protected].