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15 August 2017, Chiang Mai, Thailand —WFTO Asia launches the Raw Material and Product Search, a free online tool that makes it easier than ever for buyers to identify and connect with Fair Trade producers in Asia.

From tea to kids toys, embroidery to paper goods, WFTO Members in Asia represent a huge variety of products, materials and artisan techniques. Now a new online tool, the Raw Materials and Product Search, makes it easier than ever for potential buyers to identify and connect with WFTO Members in Asia. The first of its kind for WFTO, the tool is aimed at improving market access for Fair Trade Member organizations and allowing them to augment their positive social and environmental impact.

“What a great way to showcase Fair Trade products from Asia than creating a common and collective virtual marketing space through the WFTO Asia website! This new online tool and platform, expected to result in member’s increased exposure is required to ensure that we remain relevant in today’s crowded marketplace and that our products are visible and accessible.”   — Mitos Urgel, Acting Executive Director, WFTO Asia

“Producers struggle on two grounds: first, finding long term Fair Trade or conventional buyers for their products and second, finding raw materials produced using Fair Trade Principles. A search engine of this kind could assist the producers immensely as it would help buyers identify Fair Trade producers and help producers identify raw materials produced under fair conditions. I am very happy that such an initiative is being undertaken by WFTO Asia.”   — Johny Joseph, Director, Creative Handicrafts

The easy-to-use online tool uses a combination of search parameters to allow users to quickly search through a database of 140-plus WFTO Members in Asia. Users can filter Members by the category of product they make or sell, the raw materials they use, the country they are based in, or a combination of all three. The tool also allows users to toggle between Membership type and status. The platform includes a directory page for each Member, which displays up-to-date contact information and other relevant details designed to streamline the order and sale process.

The Raw Material and Product Search is primarily targeted at brands, companies, retailers and independent designers who are interested in producing or collaborating with value-aligned makers and suppliers. It can also be leveraged as a peer-to-peer resource for Members looking to collaborate with other Members, by individual consumers who want to source a particular product, or for research purposes.

The launch of the Raw Material and Product Search follows on from data collection via WFTO Asia’s Membership Market Access Survey, which reveals that WFTO Asia Members produce goods across more than 50 product categories and work with more than 80 different types of raw material.

More information about Raw Material and Product Search can be found here.


Background – about WFTO Asia:

The World Fair Trade Organization, Asia (WFTO Asia) is a regional network of organizations that represent the Fair Trade supply chain from Producer to Exporters, wholesalers and shops. WFTO Asia enables dedicated producers, co-ops and organizations in 18 countries to seek greater equity in international trade. Membership in WFTO Asia provides Fair Trade organizations with credibility and identity by way of an international Guarantee System, a place of learning where members connect with like-minded people, tools and training to increase market access, and a common voice that speaks out for Fair Trade and justice.

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