Fair Trade and the Future Ahead by Rudi Dalvai ,President WFTO Global



Business and Gender by Rayhan Kabir of Hathay Bunano, Bangladesh

Applying Gender Equitable Solutions on India by Mallamma Yalawar of Sabala Organization,India


Living Wage

Living Wages Overview by Rain Morgan of Turqle Trading, South Africa


Brand Value

Overall Trend of Ethical Consumption by Wander Meijer of GlobeScan, Hong Kong

Selling at the Japanese Market by Natsumi Iwa of Love & Sense, Japan

Delivering Sustainable Business Growth in Japan by Tamae Takatsu of Love & Sense, Japan

5 Most Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them by Ronny Hermosa of Fair Trade Connection


Fair Trade Legislation

Poverty Reduction Through SE in the Philippines by Marie Lisa Dacanay of ISEA

The Challenges and Barriers of Trade to Small Scale and Marginalized Producers, Do we need more legislation? by Helga Duhou, Oxfam, Belgium

Tax Incentive for Social Enterprise of Thailand by Saowakon Meesang of The Revenue Department

Social Enterprises in Thailand by Nuttaphong Jaruwannaphong of Thai Social Enterprise Office (TSEO)

Moving Forward Fair Trade Thailand by Vitoon Panyakul of Green Net

Fair Trade policies in the European Union by Sergi Corbalán of Fair Trade Advocacy Office

Benefits of Fair Trade Ordinances and how the ‘Framework Act on Social Economy’ of Korea will impact Fair Trade by Kangbaek Lee of KFTO


Fair Trade Tourism

Fair Trade Tourism Discussion Table


WFTO Governance & Strategic Plan

WFTO Governance Structure by Jim Tersteeg of CBI/Meserio, Netherlands

WFTO Strategic Plan 2018-2021 by Jim Tersteeg from CBI/Meserio, Netherlands


WFTO Retailer Standard

WFTO Retailer Standard Presenation by Natalia Leal of Executive Director of WFTO Global

Fair Trade Retailer Standard official document as approved by 2013 AGM