* All information provided here on the audit is only a brief overview of the audit aspect of membership. For a better understand and all applicable information, please refer to the Handbook or contact the global office*

As the WFTO handbook states, every WFTO member is obliged to have a Monitoring audit at agreed intervals, with the exception of non trading members. The audits may alternate with Peer visits to result in the intended assessment frequency according to the member’s risk category.

WFTO trains and approves the auditors and then proposes 1-3 auditors to the FTO. The auditor will most likely be a local auditor. Scheduling the audit should be done in accordance with the WFTO Global office.

Audit costs depend on the size of the organization and other aspects. All associated audit fees will be covered by the FTO.

The audit will ensure that the FTO is operating against the WFTO Standard. Site visits to production sites of unverified suppliers and interviews will occur.

All existing and new members will need to have a successfully completed audit before having access to use the product label.