The profile is the first document that must be submitted electronically for your organization to apply. You may find the latest version on the WFTO webpage. Renewing members need to submit the Profile every two years with their SAR.

The Profile is a way to introduce yourself to WFTO by explaining how Fair Trade is embedded in your organization, who you work with and what you do.

The Profile sections include: why you are becoming a member, referee nomination, and lastly details about your organization.

Key Aspects in the Profile include a detailed Organizational Chart, Internal Monitoring System, Producer Chart and a clearly written FOB.

HINT: Only provide information that you can prove as truthful. When an auditor comes to your organization you will have to prove everything that you wrote down.

Before feedback on the profile is given, we will proceed with contacting your three references, for a confidential response and ask for in country comments, plus an optional Network Reference if applicable to the country context.