We welcome all organizations that are committed to Fair Trade to apply! But first you must be able to show the following:

  1. At least two years of registered existence
  2. A commitment to Fair Trade as expressed within the mission, vision and legal constitution.

Does that sound like your organization? Great! Next step will be to email the Sustainability Coordinator the following additional documents. These can be found on the first page of the WFTO Profile.

Applicants will be requested to submit electronically via email (no hard copies) the following documents for close assessment (and preferably in English):

  • A signed WFTO Code of practice
  • A copy of your constitution/byelaws/establishment date
  • A formal copy of the mission statement and vision.
  • The Annual Report
  • Financial Statement for the past two years (with the auditor’s stamp if a legal requirement)

We closely examine the organization’s mission statement to ensure that the organization has expressed a commitment to the 10 WFTO principles. This does not meant that we are explicitly looking for the words Fair Trade, rather that the “essence” of Fair Trade has been incorporated into at least part of the mission. Overall, the organization should have a mission statement that has the organization working to create opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers. We like to look at this to understand the “heart” and drive of the organization.