Fair Trade Organizations – An organization that does Fair Trade trading activities. But to qualify for this category, a sale history must make up at least 50% of the total income.

Fair Trade Network – This is for a legally registered organization whose primary function is to serve as an association of Fair Trade Producers and/or Fair Trade Organizations.

Fair Trade Support Organizations – This is a Fair Trade organization in which trading is not the main activity, less than 50% of income is from trade. This organization supports and promotes Fair Trade through business counseling, finance, advocacy and networking, etc.

Associate Organization – An organization that is interested in supporting and promoting Fair Trade. Often times organizations that are too young to apply to be a FTO will fit into this category.

Individual Associate – Are you a researcher, writer, consultant or specialist in the field of Fair Trade? This category is for those who want to lend their experience and expertise to benefit WFTO’s members.