WFTO has two stages in the membership process:

1. Provisional: An organization that has successfully applied for WFTO membership, paid the first fee but not yet completed the first monitoring cycle of the WFTO Guarantee System. These organizations have one year from their approval date as provisional to submit their SAR.

Provisional Members are not entitled to:

    1. Use the WFTO Logo or Product Label
    2. Serve on the Board
    3. Speak or vote at the Annual General Meeting

2. Full (or Guaranteed) Member: All the members that have completed the first cycle of monitoring requirements under the WFTO Guarantee System. This means that they have submitted the Profile and SAR and have undergone an audit as part of their first Monitoring Cycle.

From here, full registered members are divided into three types of membership

  1. Trading Organizations (FTO) – WFTO member organizations whose turnover comes from more than 50% of sales.
  2. Non Trading Organizations (NTO) – WFTO member organizations which are not involved in trading or whose trading activities do not exceed 50% of their income.
    • Fair Trade Network
    • Fair Trade Support Organization