In photo from left to right: Sirichan Pojorn, Manager Operations of WFTO Asia ; Luther Das, Executive Director of WFTO Asia; Dr. Rux Prompalit, President of Payap University; Cherry Sripan, Communications & Advocacy Manager of WFTO Asia; Dr. Somboon Panyakom; Treasurer of WFTO Asia Foundation and Professor of Post Graduate School at Payap University


The President of Payap University, Dr. Rux Prompalit graciously favored an introductory meeting with new Executive Director, Luther Das who joined WFTO Asia Secretariat in October 2017. The meeting was organized by Dr. Somboon Panyakom, Treasurer of WFTO Asia Foundation and Professor of Post Graduate School at Payap University.

Dr. Rux Prompalit welcomed Luther Das by tucking a pin of Payap University, emblem of the prestigious University – a center of excellence for Christian Education. The meeting was also attended by WFTO Asia Secretariat staff Sirichan Pojorn, Manager Operations and Cherry Sripan, Communications and Advocacy Manager.

The meeting held on December 15, 2017 Friday in Presidents Office, focused on potential prospects of collaboration between and among different faculties and institutions of Payap University and WFTO Asia.  Dr. Rux Prompalit appreciated activities and the Ten Principles of Fair Trade; and he reinstated continued cooperation in joint programs of mutual interest. He asserted that WFTO Asia collaborates with relevant faculties viz. International Business Management Program, Department of Hotel Industry Management, Information Technology Program and English Communication Program, Innovation and Social Enterprise at the Department of Social Sciences, etc. He also added that a synergic effort among Community Based Tourism Institute (CBTI), Center for Social Impact (CSI), Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace, etc. need to be emphasized to contribute to the social impact among the students and communities Payap University serves.

The objective of Payap University is to have a positive impact upon the community in its truth-service. The President assured that meetings will be organized with respective departments and institutions for collaboration with WFTO Asia. Dr. Somboon Panyakom will be informed of next course of actions to communicate with WFTO Asia Executive Director.

Luther Das, on behalf of WFTO Asia Board Members and WFTO Asia Secretariat Staff, expressed deep appreciation and gratitude in response to recognition of Ten Principles of WFTO and subsequent forthcoming joint program that will soon be taken up collectively.