Executive Director, Christine Gent and Sustainability Coordinator, Elise Hawley at the premiere of The True Cost. Event was put on with the collaboration of Fashion Revolution Pakistan – hosted at the Islamabad Club.

WWF Pakistan1_opt

WWF-Pakistan Weaving Group near Near Bakha, Pakistan. The groups was using a basic wooden pit loom..

WWF Pakistan2_opt

WWF-Pakistan Weaving Group near Near Bakha, Pakistan. The group of weavers were all men. They expressed the ambition to maintain the tradition of weaving within their community.


Women’s group from the Sukkur region of Pakistan. The group translated and discussed the meaning of the 10 FT principles.

Elise in Pakistan_opt

WFTO-Asia Sustainability Coordinator, Elise Hawley trying on an embroidered shalwar camise. The group was in Goth Lal and had amazing skills.


Bird eye view of women’s group in Goth Lal. These women participate in seasonal cotton picking with their husbands through the Better Cotton Initiative. Seasonal picking earns them 2-4 dollars per day.


Raise your hand if you like to sew! WWF-Pakistan wants to ensure a more consistent income for the women associated through Better Cotton Initiative – the aim is to provide them with market linkages for their products.

CG in Pakistan_opt

Christine Gent admiring a Ralli blanket made by a group in Qila Derawar.

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