WFTO-Asia: Report to WWF Pakistan

November 17 – 21, 2015

Summary: The upgrading and development of Pakistan’s traditional rural craft skills present potential to increase earnings especially for women, incentivizing people to stay in in the village and reducing urban migration with associated environmental impacts. The five groups visited by WFTO-Asia introduced by WWF demonstrated a very rich cultural identity expressed through their crafts. Local craft production has low environmental impact in terms of low energy use, and locally soured sustainable materials. The poorest families of Pakistan can be those hardest hit by environmental changes: including unreliable harvests, and access to water. The value added craft activities present an alternative income that is not as directly impacted by climate change. The challenge now it to change these opportunities into financial asset.
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WWF-Pakistan Team Showcasing a Handwoven blanket
WWF-Pakistan Team Showcasing a Handwoven blanket