The key element to the WFTO label is that it allows shoppers to clearly identify when an organization is 100% dedicated to the 10 Fair Trade principles. Today, we hear from more members on what being entirely Fair Trade means to them.

Twine is a fashion forward Fair Trade Organization based in Taiwan. They have a wide range of design focused Fair Trade products, including clothing, handicrafts and tableware. WFTO-Asia spoke with Elizabeth Tsai, the General Manager, to find out more about what their guaranteed products mean to them:

“The GS label guarantees that the products are made according to the 10 Principles of Fair Trade, which ensures producers are treated fairly and that sustainability and the environment are considered throughout the production. When a customer purchases a product with the WFTO label, they can be sure and proud that they are supporting Fair Trade.”twine fair trade product dress

Twine is the first of WFTO-Asia members to be guaranteed in Taiwan, we were interested to learn why they went through the process.

“Being a Fair Trade Organization means a lot to Twine, it’s what we wanted to achieve when we set up our business six years ago. As designers, we want our ideas to be made by hand, the materials to be friendly to the environment and the production safe for the end user throughout the products lifetime. For Twine, it’s very important that our pieces are made in a healthy and happy environment where there is no slave or child labor, and it is even better if the work opportunities are provided to the people who really benefit from employment and training who are passionate about their work.”

Twine works with some familiar faces to WFTO-Asia to produce their gorgeous pieces. We love their check dress by Thanapara Swallows, their outfit by Creative Handicrafts and the ethical wallet made by MKS, Kolkata.

Thanapara Swallows  specializes in beautiful garments and textiles in Bangladesh. These items are rich in Bangladeshi cultural and heritage as they are handwoven on a loom and/or hand embroidered. We spoke with Mynul Haque Santo, the Manager, who had this to say:

As a Fair Trade Organization, we are proving our commitment to the highest economic, social and environmental ethics throughout our production. We provide shoppers with a means to be accountable with their purchasing decisions; through the WFTO label on Thanapara Swallows products you can be assured that you are supporting the movement for a fairer world.”

The WFTO-Asia office is in awe of their embroidery skills whether these are the signature details on AZO free clothing pieces, bags, cushions or bedspread. The method of hand embroidery makes each one unique whilst creating employment for over 200 women.

Ninety per cent of Sana Hastakala Nepalese products hold the guaranteed label. These include home accessories, tableware, kitchenware, personal accessories, decorative and gift items. Shree Prakash Bajracharya, the Marketing/Logistic Manager, told WFTO-Asia about what being a Fair Trade Organization means to them:

“A Fair Trade Organization means an organization which produces products and markets the products following the Fair Trade Principles. From the labeled product the organization will be well known in the marketplace, especially in Fair Trade, which promotes the organization and its products. It makes more opportunities for artisans who work for our organization and uplifts their economic condition and social status. Since the environment is also a valuable concern in the Fair Trade Principles our organization always tries to reduce environmental pollution.”

We’re admiring Sana Hastakala’s Fair Trade fuchsia cashmere and silk super soft scarf, perhaps because it’s unusually chilly in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the moment.Sana Hastakala cashmere scarf

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Article by Mia Hadrill, Communications Manager, WFTO-Asia